June 23, 2024

Important Ways You Should Store Your Wine

As a living drink, wine is subject to change. If it is not stored correctly, it can deteriorate, gaining unwanted characteristics. So that this never happens with your wine, check out exactly the best way to store them before they are opened, also know that wines can also be stored in a rent storage room (เช่าห้องเก็บของ which is the term in Thai for instance.

Horizontal Or Vertical?

Some studies advocate both horizontal and vertical storage. However, the favorite option among experts is to leave the bottles horizontally, as this helps to hydrate the cork and prevents drying and consequent oxidation of the drink.

Store The Wine Horizontally

A heated cellar is not always necessary. There is no need to invest in a wine cellar at home to store your wine in the ideal place. An electric wine cellar is not mandatory if you have a suitable place to store the drink (considering lighting, temperature, ventilation, and bottle placement). The acclimatized wine cellar is a great solution for preserving labels for those who live in cities that reach extreme temperatures. They are also ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space at home. There is also a cellar with a professional compressor capable of cooling the inside of the drink and customizing it for each type of wine. As a great investment, it is suitable for storing rare or valuable wines.

Attention To Storage Time

Wines have an expiration date, so it is a myth that the older the wine, the better it will taste. Not all types of drink react well to the weather; most can be stored for between two and ten years, with whites being more sensitive.

To ensure that the liquid does not spoil, it is not enough to store the drink correctly and pay attention to its duration, even in perfect baggage storage Bangkok conditions. By following all the guidelines, you will no longer have to worry about how you store your wine. And the best part: you will be able to enjoy it with the certainty of its excellent quality!